Let's get started!

Help us understand your requirements, please complete the below questionnaire. We will then be in touch to schedule your custom, in-person garden assessment.

We start every potential project with a thorough consultation and assessment. Consultations are most often booked on Sunday and Monday mornings. We recommend that you take notes. The average garden walk through takes at least one hour.

  • Pricing: $250 per hour
  • Duration: 1 to 3 hours, depending on size of property and need


The following may be included in your Consultation:

  • Outdoor living design ideas. Color, texture, hardscaping, and outbuildings
  • Plant recommendations that suit your needs and location
  • Plant and pest id, and their treatments
  • Pruning, fertilization & maintenance techniques
  • Recommendations for plant health, time to fertilize, when to prune, water needs, etc.
  • Garden priorities/outlines
  • Irrigation and outdoor plumbing
  • Contacts for tree care, irrigation and maintenance